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Brushed Brass Gibson Tophat Guitar, amp, pedal knob

Brushed Brass Gibson Tophat Guitar, amp, pedal knob

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I wanted a solid metal take on the Gibson style Tophat knob. But like most Gibson style knobs, the clear resin nature of them make them difficult to replicate. So I have to come up with something inspired by, but not replicating.
So here we are with some lovely Brushed Brass Gibson Tophat knobs. Course just cause they were inspired by a Gibson knob doesnt mean they can only be used on a Gibson. You can use them on any guitar, pedal, amp, keyboard, or anything else that has a knob. I might put one on my car radio.

Made from raw satin finished Brass. Over time these will form a patina, and age to give these knobs an older looker and feel that is individual to the user, and location. Responding to the environment, and individual users body chemistry. Of course if you prefer, you can also keep them clean and polished to keep the look and feel from brand new. I cant wait to see this happen to some knobs over time! These are also offered in a pre-patinaed vintage brass finish.

Because these are numbered, but not engraved with any letters, or words they are sold per knob.  So make sure to select the quantity of knobs you need.  The weight and feel of the knobs is fantastic. The knobs replace all stock knobs that have a 6mm (.236") split or .25" solid shaft pots. Knobs have a threaded stainless steel allen screw to secure them in place. .050 allen key required for install (included) Super durable construction.
Made from solid brass material mean these will last several lifetimes of wear and tear.  

These are .990" (25.15mm) in Diameter, and just over .5" (12.7mm) tall.

Made with care, and precision in Tucson, Arizona USA.

The default size on these fits most splined or split shaft knobs. Like the CTS Split Shaft, or Splined pots. If you have a .25" solid shaft knob on your guitar, select that size from the dropdown.

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